Agramada Hotel


Xani Agramada Hotel in Halkidiki, Greece offers an accommodation in a beautiful location. With views over the mountains and close to the Aegean Sean, It is one of the best holiday destination.

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The hotel

Located in the picturesque mountainside of the Halkidiki region, just outside of a traditional Greek village, Xani Agramada hotel provides the perfect base for all your summer and winter adventures in the area. Just 15 minutes from several beautiful beaches, various hiking trails, traditional tavernas, and even historical points of interest, Xani Agramada allows you the flexibility to explore all that the area has to offer!

As a family-run business, we will try to meet all your needs and make sure you leave knowing what is truly Greek hospitality! Xani Agramada is conveniently located in close proximity to several towns with different restaurants options, and we are happy to provide recommendations of some of our favorites upon request. 

Don't just take a vacation, take an escape.