Agramada Hotel

Treehouse Rooms ACCESSIBLE

The spacious treehouse room is ideal for couples who are looking to spend their time in a Hotel with all the amenities but harmonised with the nature.

Accessible version

Accessible version


Tucked away just outside a traditional Greek village, the Agramada Treehouse was designed so you can share special moments together - a back-to-nature retreat. Whether you're looking to explore the rolling hills, hike to ancient ruins, or even lounge by the crystal clear waters, Agramada Treehouse will be the perfect base to experience the real Greece. The Treehouse transports you to a world away from the hustle-and-bustle and into a fully immersive experience within Chalkidiki's magnificent natural environment. We truly cherish this land and the people on it, and so everything you find at the Agramada Treehouse has been constructed with a focus on sustainability and with all products sourced locally.

All too often we forget to stop and smell the roses. At Agramada Treehouse we encourage you to slow  down, take a break from your busy schedule to embrace nature and enjoy the view... but don't worry, you will still have WiFi. 

Don't just take a vacation, take an escape.